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Companion of the Quran!!


رضيت بالله ربا وبالاسلام دينا وبمحمد صلى الله عليه وسلم نبيا


You want to be taken care of!!!!!!


The Fundamentals of Islam — Knowledge & Application

The Fundamentals of Islam
(Muhammad ibn AbdulWahab)

We seek the help of Allah, and ask him to bless and praise our Prophet Muhammad, his household and companions.

Q. What are the issues that everyone must learn?

A. 1_ Knowledge, that is knowing Allah, His Prophet and the religion of Islam with its textual proofs.

2_ Application of the knowledge. It is very important to understand the meaning of ‘application’ in the context, particularly with regards to knowing Allah. This means, first that Allah is the only God Who is worthy of being loved and worshipped. Second, He is the only Creator upon Whom all creatures depend for their means of subsistence. Thirdly, the divine attributes and beautiful names of Allah can never be applied to His creatures. Application also means that Allah, the Exalted, is far removed from every imperfection, and there is none like Him. Application of knowing the Messenger sallallahoaliyihiwasallam means loving and revering him more than any other human being, and observing his sunnah, and making sure that it takes precedence over men’s opinion in all cases.

3_ Preaching it.

4_ Enduring with patience whatever application and preaching may entail. One must endure with patience while observing all the acts of worship, refrain from all acts of disobedience and resist whims and pervasive desires. Calamities and misfortunes must also be faced with patience.

Q. What is the textual proof of the above issues?

A. By the age. Surely, man is in (a state of) loss. Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to endure (the consequences with) patience. (Surah Asr)

In this surah the four issues are mentioned which are stated in the first question.

The surah is too comprehensive in its meaning that Imam ash-shafi’ee commented : “were this to be the only Allah has sent down to His slaves, it would have been enough for them.”

Translation by: Mahmoud ibn Ridha Murad

It’s not the magic causing you the misfortune….

All praises belong to Allah the Exalted; peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger, His family and His Companions.

With time it is observed that the people are Alhamdulillah reverting to the path of Allah the Exalted and repenting with all sincerity in their heart towards Allah the Exalted for their past ignorance and sins. But we also counter and observe some other people having weak levels of faith and finding the rational for their inadequate life, losses and deprivations in the intentions of others. Yes, it’s the faith in magic, evil eye and jinn more than in the Almighty. Being empty handed by the light of knowledge and wisdom of Quran and Sunnah they and their thoughts go where the Satan and its progeny takes them.

This specific piece of writing is just to try and help those such people; in acquiring the true meaning of faith and reliance upon Allah Almighty and to correct whatever the wrong is there to help them step out of the depressing mode of shortness of provision, un-well health, and any other sort of calamity, disaster, or test from the Exalted One.

Brothers and Sisters be happy that it’s not the magic/evil eye/jinn upon you. But it’s the fact that you are so much lured towards the sins that you are now in all forms of insinuating whispers of the Satan. You no longer consider them sins and even if you used to consider them sins then your ego has recently transformed that consideration for sin to be sin; as sin to be your right because of any other’s conduct.

What are sins? Shirk, Not praying 5 daily prayers in Masjid in congregation (for men/boys), Shaving the beard for men/boys, keeping the pants/trousers/pajamas/shalwars below the ankles for men/boys, listen to the music in news and other informative programs, looking at the non-relative women/girls on TV and otherwise, backbiting, false allegations, breaking the ties with relatives, women/girls not covering them in front of non-relative men/boys, not reading and understanding the Quran and Sunnah, et cetra are some of the general kinds of sin that we all are attracted to………

The worries are genuine and hearts and minds are overwhelmed with them. But the solution is in Quran and Sunnah. Like take the instance of enmity and hatred with relatives leading to backbiting and false accusations. The solution for this is the following tradition of the Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

He peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: “I guarantee an abode on the boundary of Paradise for him who gives up a quarrel, even if he is right.” [Abu Dawud]

In the next post inshaAllah we’ll take one aspect of our wronging ourselves and try to correct it. As Allah the Exalted has provided us with the appropriate means to allow us gain and increase in the provision and any other sort of deprivation. The reasons for adherence as requirement and the promise of abundance in response is all known through the Quran and Sunnah.