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Fee; Concession & Discount Policy:

• No enrollment/registration fee, only the monthly fee is to be paid in advance in the first week of every month.
• Fee amount is charged as per the student’s / guardian’s occupation, affordability and everyday expenditure incur by the Quran Guide.
• Discount / Concession of 10% of the fee amount would be granted if immediate blood relative is enrolled.
• Free of any fee amount enrollments are also made in order to help the less privileged people.
• Students / Guardians are requested to disclose the real status of their occupation and affordability as their payment also let the less fortunate people learn and this makes the righteous deeds of the fortunate ones double or more than that even inshaAllah.
• In case a student refers to a new student; he / she would get 10% fee concession for next three months. If the students referred are two or more than two then the referring student would get 20% fee concession for next three months. (If any student leaves this concession in favor of less affordability students then inshaAllah their reward in here and hereafter rests with Allah the Exalted. Referring a student to learn Deen itself is a matter of great reward in Allah’s the Exalted sight)
• On good performance student would be awarded with extra free lessons for the fundamentals of Islam or any other lesson chosen by the student after consultation with the Quran Guide.