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Empty space in the mouth & throat

When we need to lengthen a letter (e.g pronounce a Madd letter), we use the empty space of our mouth and throat to produce this sound. No other part of the mouth is used to lengthen a sound. The green area inside the image shows the empty mouth and throat area used to produce the Madd sound…..


Madd sounds ا  و  ي

 Following examples will help to understand inshaAllah…

بَ = it’s pronounced short as ‘ba’ in “banana”

بَا = it’s pronounced a little elongated because of the ‘alif madd’ as ‘baa’ in “basket”

 (p.s. rules posted in future will add more to this topic of madd letters)



Points of Articulation … Description

Points of Articulation

5 Major Articulation Areas

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  • Only the throat, tongue and lips are used to pronounce the actual 28 letters.
  • The nose and the empty space of mouth & throat is used to produce additional sounds (e.g. the ghunnah sound)

articulation points

Points of Articulation … Introduction



Points of Articulation


  • Articulation point is the place from where a letter is pronounced, making its sound different from the sound of other letters.
  • Each Arabic Alphabet has different articulation point.
  • A letter is only a sound that relies on a specific articulation point.

Arabic Alphabets’ Points of  Articulation

  • Five major areas of the human body are used to pronounce different letters.
  • There are 17 different articulation points to pronounce the 28 original letters and the Madd letters.

articulation points