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Like any other language grammar is an important and essential aspect of learning Arabic. But before moving towards the significance of Arabic Grammar we first have to explore the significance of Arabic language in Islamic perspective.


Caliph of the Believers; Umer Allah be pleased with him used to say; O’ muslims you must learn Arabic because it teaches you the norms, etiquettes and morals; and because it is related to religion.


E.g. sentences like assalamoalaikum, jazakumullahu khairan, Allahu A’alam et cetra such sentences teaches you and bring you to the mannerism of Prophethood.


Imam Shu’ba Ibn ul-Hajjaj Rahimahullah said: Learn Arabic as it will increase your intelligence.


E.g When studying the syntax and morphology and learning about words their letters and roots of words make you ponder, think, consider and analyze differently for all the aspects of the language makes you groom your intelligence and hence enhancing ones intelligence.


“خلق الانسان ~ علمه الابيان” Ibn Faris mentions here that after these verses Allah the Exalted have discussed other creations like sun et cetra. The important fact to know is that Allah the Almighty has created the Human and then taught him proclamation (in simple terms “to communicate”). “بيان” here is the knowledge transferred to us and that is in Arabic; in form of Qur’an manifesting the greatness of the language.


Imam Sa’alwi Rahimahullah: One who loves Allah also loves the Prophet peace be upon him, and one who loves the Arabic Prophet peace be upon him must also love Arabic, and the one who loves Arabic must also love Arabs; Arabic is a language the greatest book is revealed in and revealed upon the best of creation. To understand properly the Quran its important to understand the Arabic as its treasures are folded in Arabic.


Scholars are of the view that to learn Quran and Sunnah is an obligation. As the knowledge of creed, jurisprudence, etiquettes and morals is encrypted in Arabic so is learning Arabic an obligation as well.


Caliph of the Believers; Umer Allah be pleased with him wrote a letter to Abu Musa Ash’ari Allah be pleased with him and advised to ” gain understanding in Sunnah and gain understanding in Arabic language and when read Quran apply vowels because it is revealed in language”.


If we understand and apply vowels correctly then we can understand Quran and Sunnah appropriately.


Arabic Syntax is the first step to make knowledge convenient and approachable. In Morphology verbs are changing forms and meanings. In syntax we learn to properly vowel all the letters of a word.