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Advanced Level

After completing the first two levels inshaAllah the reader would be reciting with perfection the Holy Quran. This particular level would take the reader to the greater degrees of Recitation where the reader will learn to recite as a qualified Qari of the scripture.

Further, this level also offers the memorization of the Holy Quran. This course like others is also not age-restricted, so people of all ages may enroll and inshaAllah results and rewards are with Allah; we are only commanded for sincere efforts with righteous deeds.




Course Duration: 5-7 months for Juz ‘Amma (According to the lesson coverage by the student as per his/her ability the duration may vary from student to student)

P.S.: Lesson notes, plans and details will be provided to the enrolled students from time to time appropriately insha Allah. Duration cannot be specified upon for the memorization of the Quran as it differs with the learning and retaining capacity of individuals. Tentative length for the completion can be around 2-3 years.